Black History Continues™

is a series by DezMarie in an attempt to spread the message that black history not only began with us, but continues with us. The choices we make daily impact our everyday and future outcome.

Inspired by the late
Arturo Alfonso Schomburg

This series was heavily impacted on DezMarie’s attempt to carry on her family legacy as she is the great great granddaughter of the late Arturo Alfonso Schomburg. Arturo Schomburg went to grade school in Puerto Rico where his teacher explained to him that black people had no history or accomplishments. Schomburg not only insisted otherwise but dedicated his life to researching and raising awareness of the contributions that Afro-Americans and Afro-Latin Americans made to our history. His collection over the years was eventually purchased by the New York Public Library that later renamed the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. The center serves as one of the world’s leading cultural institutions dedicated to the research, preservation, and display of artifacts of African Americans, African diaspora and their experiences.

Due to the injustices personally experienced, as well as her strengths and abilities of her ancestors before her, DezMarie has dedicated herself to finding ways to connect and heal the community through various areas, hence the birth of the series, Black History Continues . The series hosts events for a family friendly audience to nurture the youth and to heal the caretakers.

For the youth she founded the youth arts center, Mindful Arts Dance Academy, where her goal is to provide professional and holistic education through various programs that build confidence and character. The Black History Continues ™ series geared toward the youth are held during the spring and the fall season in the form of a health and wellness festival.

This is the perfect time to build as there are black history trivia games, scavenger hunts, artistry, music and most importantly a sense of community with many local businesses and organizations, mainly black owned, to join the movement to heal. Both seasonal events are family friendly and open to all local and national friends and families to enjoy and be a part of history!


 Need a family friendly and safe way to engage and interact with like minds to get fit for the summer? Join us for the 2021 Spring Forward Health Festival where we will learn how to be active in fun ways, how to eat what you want and still lose the pounds and gain new knowledge on improving mental health! We are in this fit journey together and it is time to get back to health.

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Programs Include

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($2 donation per class is welcome)

While registration is not required to participate in the BHC Fall Health Festival, if you lock in your registration spot by 9/230, you will get 10% off your tuition fee.

Resources & Events for Young Adults & Parents

Real Life with Fresh Heir

For the young adults, families and supporting communities, DezMarie created Real Life with Fresh Heir;  a podcast and platform to display resiliency not only from her own real life testimonies, but from others to educate, empower and encourage.

Quiet Storm Philly

As she worked on the groundwork for the show, she hosted a Black History Continues™ series called Quiet Storm Philly. This was an open mic platform for local artists, poets and performers of Philadelphia to not only share their gift, but use it to initiate healing through panel discussions on their testimonies and advice on love and relationships. This is a unique open mic experience as it attempts to replicate the old school love that at one point instilled the true characteristics of a love that keeps giving. After all love conquers all!

Previous Quiet Storm Events

Our Goal

The goal is for Black History Continues ™ to continue to grow and provide opportunities for history to continue with each and every one of the people who support and contribute. We hope that will be you. To be a part of this amazing series of healing, contact us today.

Ways to Support

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