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Creative Elements Tumble & Movement

(Ages 18mos. – 2 years)

This is a Mommy & Me tumble and movement class that evolves around obstacle courses that are set up for the children to explore. We incorporate different colors, numbers, shapes, animals and other themes to engage their imagination and learn the fundamentals. Children learn the different ways of movement including running, walking, crawling and tip toeing. Tumble skills include forward rolls, backwards rolls, log rolls, table tops and donkey kicks to prepare them for handstands.

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Flippin’ Crowns & Tiaras I & II

(Ages 6+)

Our fully equipped gymnastics program is underway! Meantime we have two levels of tumble classes that will have a strong emphasis on floor and beam technique. Tumble skills include forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, aerials, front walk overs, back walkovers, front and back handsprings and more! Stretching and conditioning is a huge part of this class to get these gymnasts prepared physically for their skills. Despite the lack of bars and vault equipment, all students will perform many drills and learn appropriate body shaping skills to prepare them for an easy transition. Within the crown chakra, we focus on interconnection between mind and body. The phrase of focus is “I understand”. Gymnastics is a very mental sport as much as a physical sport. We ensure the children that they are safe, but there will be falls and there will be some mental barriers to break to achieve their goals.

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