Max Alijah

Max Alijah

Skateboarding Coordinator & Founder of Royal Shredders

Max has been skating since the age of 4, where he immediately blew away his instructors and peers at how fearless he was to try tricks and simply go for it! He is truly one of the most passionate, fearless and influential young skaters of the East Coast. He has had older and younger skaters watch him shred the parks as he shows his bold character.

He started off at Northport Skate Park in Long Island New York and has skated parks in Long Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Florida. Recently Malachi not only had the opportunity to attend the world infamous Woodward Skate Camp, but he had the privilege of being VIP for the 2016 SLS World Cup Skate Series where he met many of his skateboard idols including his favorite Nyjah Houston. This experience truly inspired Malachi to see past the original goal of going pro, but to share his love for the art of skateboarding with others.

Max is not only the youngest but one of our most fearlessly talented members of our teaching staff. We truly believe that peer teaching is highly effective. Max is not only Coach DezMarie’s son, but he is the visionary of our MAD Royal Shredders Program. He not only has his mother that believes in him, but a huge skate community from all over the coast that believes in his professional ability to guide our youth to be as fearless and imaginative as he is. Max will be teaching our Royal Shredders along with some of his older skate partners along the coast. The MAD Teaching Team is proud to have him live out his vision and share the art of skateboarding with our youth as it is a unique sport in the community.

Max is also a great dancer of course and enjoys snowboarding, cooking and music. He is a well rounded kid with a big vision. We hope you get to experience him at work living out his dream!

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