COVID-19 Statement

Given the COVID-19 outbreak and the government shutdown of our recreational facilities, we have had to make adjustments to the 2020-21 class schedule and safety protocol. We have adjusted our programming to ensure the safety of all by the CDC guidelines and the needs of our youth to continue being active and progressive in their learning. Currently we will hold virtual classes as another wave is expected to hit. Towards the second half of the session we will hold in person clinics outside.



Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we must take special precautions to ensure safety of all staff and students. There are in-person classes available during our hybrid session, but what does that look like?

  1. COVID-19 liability waiver must be signed. 
  2. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class. Upon arrival, parents must remain in their vehicle.
  3. Child’s temperature will be taken and must read below 100.4 F. Staff will abide as well. 
  4. Hand sanitizer will be provided and expected for each child to have a personal bottle for use during the session. 
  5. Please send your child with two (2) masks. Masks must be worn until steps 1-4 (above) are complete. Then students have the option to remove during class; however, mask-wearing is strongly encouraged. 
  6. Staff will wear masks throughout the session and will have minimal contact with students to maintain social distancing. 
  7. Equipment will be disinfected and steam cleaned after each session to limit cross-contamination. 
  8. Students will notice markers on the ground to identify proper spacing from one another.
  9. Please note: Classes are held outdoors. Please dress accordingly and ensure your child has used the restroom prior to arrival as access is limited and cleanliness of restroom is currently not monitored. 
  10. Teacher to student ratio will be limited to reduce exposure. You will notice classes are much smaller.  There will be a 1:6 ratio for our Pre-K classes and a 1:8 ratio for our older classes. 
  11. Please send at least two (2) water bottles labeled with your child’s name. There will be NO access to water fountain use. We will have extra water bottles available for sale at $0.50.

Things to note:


Weather cancellations will be posted via the MAD app and via email through our Jackrabbit portal. These classes are not refunded but will then be virtual. 


If your child has a fever or is visibly sick (cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle aches, sore throat, and/or new loss of taste or smell), they will be asked to call for pick-up. Due to limited staff, please note your child will be asked to sit away from the class and unattended. Please check for symptoms prior to drop off to ensure safety of your child. 

Late Policy:

Due to the revised drop off process, students will not be permitted to class after 10 minutes of class start time. 


Parents have the option to be completely virtual and still have your child benefit and succeed. Virtual alternatives will be posted for in-person sessions and meeting info will be provided. 


This page is designed to lay out the expectations of the academy, the parent and child. Please read it carefully and initial the registration form to agree to the terms of the agreement.

I. Registration and Payment Policy

A. First and last month’s tuition are due at the time of registration. Registration is a yearly fee and is $25 for the year or $40 for up to a family of 4. A $3.25 per student insurance fee are applied in addition to the tuition payment.

B. Tuition will be due on the 1st of the month. Late fee of $15 charged to your family account on the 15th of the month if payment is not received. Credit Card and check payments will have an additional 2.75% fee unless enrolled in automatic withdrawals or paying the entire season in full. If a check is returned, there will be a $25 fee added to the family account. If a second check is returned, the parent must be in cash for all future fees. Payment in full also gives a 10% discount on the annual tuition.

C. SESSION PAYMENTS: For any program sessions, payment is due in full upon registration. Payment plans can be made, if necessary, upon approval of Miss Desiree. Complete payment must be made by the midpoint of the session. Cash only accepted for program sessions.

D. Students will not be able to participate in any outside events or performances/recital if there is a balance on the account. NO EXCEPTIONS! Student dismissal will result if the account accumulates two months of tuition.

E. NO REFUND POLICY ONLY CREDITS: The monthly rate is fixed regardless of the amount of classes in the month. Please refer to the MAD Academy Calendar for closings. Only in the event of serious illness, injury or extenuating circumstances are we issuing refunds for class. Make up classes will be provided for classes cancelled not due to a holiday. Make up guarantee within that month.

F. Performance team and Master Education Classes are paid separately. Please frequently check your email for updates on auditions, payments etc.

G. Volunteering and Donations: Our studio’s mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity to explore our arts programs. If you would like to help fund a student’s education, please contact us via email. Students, parents and our community family are more than welcomed to volunteer to reduce tuition rates or to simply help our studio flourish. Please contact Miss Desiree for more information. We appreciate and thank you in advance.

II. Class Policies and Procedures

A. Dress Code

1. Black leotard and pink or flesh colored footless tights are preferred for all dance and gymnastics classes. Black capri leggings, pants or shorts above the knee are fine but cannot be loose fitting. Barefeet are required for all tumble and gymnastics classes. The knees must be visible to the instructor for all dance and gymnastics programs.

2. Hair must be neatly kept away from the face for all programs. Hair is not to be touched once class begins. Tiaras, hats, headbands, or other hair accessories are not allowed or anything that may be distracting to the instruction. Please have extra hair ties and hair products on hand to keep your child’s hair in place for the duration of their instruction.

3. Ballet slippers and tap shoes are required for our Dancin’ Roots, Sacral Styles and Solar Plex Rays Combo classes. Tap shoes with elastic straps are best and safest for young dancers. Please be mindful that wearing tap shoes outside is harmful for the structure of the shoe.

4. All hip hop classes will need street sneakers to participate. Our skate program requires sneakers as well, however flat sole sneakers are best for performance (ex. Vans, Converses, Adidas-like shoes).

5. NO jeans or inappropriate clothing will be accepted on the dance floor. The student will have a “sit and watch” day if these circumstances arise.

6. Please have a dance bag for young dancers with all dance belongings labeled for easy shoe transitions. There should only be dance class necessities, water and a snack in the bag. Please leave toys, dolls and any other distractions at home.

7. ROYAL SHREDDERS SKATE PROGRAM: Students must bring their own skateboard and helmet. Elbow pads are recommended, but not required. As mentioned, sneakers are required, specifically flat sole sneakers are ideal. We do not have a strict dress code as skating is about the art of free expression, however we ask that your child is able to move comfortably as they will do a great deal of stretching and jumping. Sagging pants are not accepted so please make sure a belt is worn during this physical activity. Bring water bottles as classes are held outdoors.

B. Code of Conduct

We are a family unit. We are a team consisted of parents, dancers, visionaries and team leaders. We will treat one another with love and respect. A positive, nurturing environment will be maintained to ensure we are encouraging growth. We will encourage one another and help one another stay focused to ensure a beneficial learning experience for all.

a. Lateness: Respect is a huge deal here at MAD Academy. We want to give each child an equal opportunity to focus their minds and feel confident in their learning. To ensure this, students who are later than 10 minutes will not be allowed to dance for that day. However, dancers will be able to sit and watch to allow them the opportunity to mentally engage in the lesson. (For combo classes, dancers will not be allowed to participate in the style they are entering in after 5 minutes of it beginning, however they can jump into the class when the style of dance changes.) Gymnasts will not be allowed to participate after 5 minutes late for their safety.

b. Absences: If a dancer is going to be absent, please notify us if possible. Make up classes are only for classes cancelled by the studio. Please be mindful that constant tardiness or absences are detrimental to the learning experience and the ability of the child to feel confident and focused in the learning setting. Please communicate to us if transportation is an issue to see if we can help.

c. If conduct becomes a consistent issue for the child and/or the parent, business will be terminated and the student will be dismissed from the program. No refunds will be given. The student can complete the classes for the remainder of that month with permission from Miss Desiree.

d. Parents are NOT allowed in the instruction area. Students are to be dropped off at the door with a team member. Parents are welcome to watch their child from outside the instruction area if possible. We want our students to know they are safe with us. There are no exceptions.

e. Students must use the restroom prior to class beginning. Students will not be allowed to use the restroom until class is over or shoe swap time comes. This is to cause fewer distractions and to ensure they are getting the most out of their class time. Please help us make the best of our instruction time and ensure they are prepared to begin promptly at the start of class time.

f. Snacks are welcome and encouraged particularly for students taking many classes. We will have a designated snack time for combo class dancers. Please put the snack in the dance bag. Peanut free and messy-free please. WATER ONLY! All snacks eaten outside of the designated time must be eaten outside the instruction room. Concession stands to support our MAD family will be coming soon.

III. Recital Information

Mindful Arts Dance Academy will participate in a yearly recital. Information on dates, costume fees, and location will be provided via email. Costume fees are nonrefundable, however, should you decide not to participate, the costume is yours to keep. We strongly urge all students to participate as it shows the hard work put into the season. 

Seasonal Showcase: All session programs will have a showcase of their learned skills and an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments. Details will be explained during session by their instructor. 

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