Tuition Rates

Registration Fee:
- Student: $15
- Family: $25

MAD Music Privates
*Per session*
- 30 minute sessions: $55
- 45 minute sessions: $75

MAD Royal Shredders Skateboarding Program: 
*Per session*
- Bring Your Own Board: $40
- Board Rental: $50

MAD Gymnastics Program: 
*Per session*
- 45 minutes/wk: $65                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              -1 hour/wk: $90

MAD Dance Program: *Monthly Rates*
- 30-45 minutes: $25
- 1 hour: $30
- 1.25 hours: $35
- 1.5 hours: $40
- Drop In Option: $15 each class *Adult Classes Only*

All boys can take our traditional combo class FREE when registered and paid for any of our other classes/programs.

Flippin' Crown & Tiaras: 25% off with our traditional combo classes.

MAD Music, Royal Shredders and Gymnastics
- Registration fee and session rate are required to be paid up front before students can start class. Insurance Fee must be paid ($3.25/child).

MAD Dance Program
- At time of registration; the registration fee, first and last month rates are required to be paid up front before students can start class.

*Pay annual tuition in full upon registration and receive 10% off.

Next Steps

At MAD Academy, you can ensure that your child will receive quality instruction throughout all levels and programs, be able to verbalize proper technique and form, be able to have an open mind, learn techniques that will build character that will carry throughout a lifetime, gain a whole new family of "MAD" love!

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